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The Center: A Hands-on Computing Facility

CQM Director Daniel Egger
CQM Director Daniel Egger

Duke’s Center for Quantitative Modeling gives students the opportunity to engage in research on real-world computational problems, in collaboration with leading industry practitioners and academic experts.

CQM teaches innovative applications of data-analysis; best practices for data-visualization; and methods for effective communication of actionable results.

CQM has its own meeting space fully equipped for team collaborations ans presentations.

Daniel Egger joined Duke's Master of Engineering Management Program in 2009 after 17 years of hands-on experience in information technology startups and venture capital.

Egger has developed his own technologies, founded companies and built commercial information technology offerings as an entrepreneurial CEO; served as a member of board of the directors and value added advisor to numerous successful high-tech companies; and was a founder and managing partner of a venture capital fund focused on seed and early stage investing in new technology companies.

In addition to a focus on teaching, Egger's primary career interest lies in developing novel methods and systems for extracting subtle signals of great value from noisy data. Egger's other interests include wilderness travel, translating ancient Egyptian poetry (see here) and working toward a cure for Autoimmune Encephalitis through the non-for-profit AE Alliance (see here), which he helped to found.

Egger holds a degree in Philosophy and Law from Yale University and spent a semester studying mathematical logic at Ludwig Maximilian University. He is married and has four children.