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Data Analysis: Driving Business Inovation

Center for Quantitative Modeling consulting projects are supervised by Daniel Egger and staffed by graduate students at Duke’s Pratt School of Engineering. Egger typically manages three or four sponsored projects with commercial clients in any given academic Semester as well as during the Summer.

Some representative past projects: 

AdviseStream Inc. (Duke spinout acquired by Kaplan 2014) – Predictive analytics technology for forecasting medical school admissions.

Information Initiative at Duke – Analysis of eye-tracking data for classification of child mental health in a population-based epidemiological study. 

InvestiQuant Inc. – Algorithmic trading models for equity futures.

Keynote - Algorithms for automated classification of third-party IP address identities in web site performance

Lazard Asset Management and Russell Investments – metrics to incorporate cross-sectional dispersion of asset returns into active equity manager performance assessment.

Stepleaderdigital – Testing alternative models for internet-of-things Beacon location estimation